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29th May, 2017 01:31:04PM
NAV of MTB Unit Fund as on May 25, 2017
Face Value: BDT 10 per Unit
NAV at Cost Price: BDT 777,983,189.16
NAV at Market Price: BDT 758,143,937.09
Sale/Repurchase Taka
Sale Price per Unit * 10.90
Repurchase Price per Unit * 10.80
NAV Per Unit * 11.13

*(Valid from 28 May, 2017 till the announcement of next NAV)

Mutual Fund

Alliance Capital is the Asset Manager of the MTB Unit Fund, a balanced, Open-End Mutual Fund launched in 2011. It has consistently provided investors with capital growth and dividend income through a proactive, disciplined investment philosophy.

Corporate Advisory

ACAML's Corporate Advisory business provides classical strategic and tactical advice and unparalleled execution to public and private companies. The diverse professional and academic experience of our team is a critical factor in ensuring the high standards of deliverables expected of Alliance Capital.

Portfolio Management

Alliance Capital believes in a relationship-driven, customized approach to investment management. Our Investment Management team has a cumulative 80 years of direct experience and is able to leverage their expertise to advise and manage institutional portfolio clients on how to best deploy their portfolio objectives.

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