Open-end unit fund has gained popularity among individual and institutional investors worldwide as it provides them the opportunity to actually invest in handpicked stocks that are selected by the investment managers after thoroughly researching companies, industries and markets. Unit funds always follow long-term investment strategies. Anyone who has investment in the market, or is willing to invest can consider investing in this fund as it gives the opportunity to diversify one’s own portfolio.

Keeping in mind the world-wide popularity and performance of the open-end funds and their substantial increase in number in recent years, Alliance Capital Asset Management Limited with the sponsorship of Mutual Trust Bank Limited took the initiative to launch this Fund in our market. This initiative is expected to contribute to the development of the capital market by providing a value added option for the investors.

The parties to the Fund are: Mutual Trust Bank Limited as the Sponsor, Alliance Capital Asset Management Limited as the Asset Manager, Bangladesh General Insurance Company Limited as the Trustee and BRAC Bank Limited as the Custodian of the Fund.