Beating the market with passive investment strategy is always an extremely difficult task. Bangladesh equity market is characterized by relatively high riskiness for individual investors and is evidently inefficient that creates opportunity to gain more through careful investment management.

The country has two exchanges – Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited, the former one being the major bourse. ACAML has wide experience and expertise of investment in securities primarily in equities in both these exchanges through Mutual Funds.

Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. Market Facts (3 years average as of June, 2014)
Average Return 32%
Standard Deviation 35%
Return to Risk Ratio 0.9190

Beat the Market with Your Small Savings

It is always easy to beat the market once your investment is managed actively by professional hands. At ACAML, we have developed winning Mutual Funds that ensures escalated but steady growth of your investment complemented with annual income opportunities. We work hard to secure your financial strength – no matter whatever your investment size; we bring you better return than anyone else in the country.

Avail Special Tax Rebate, Invest in Mutual Funds
As per the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984, amended in 2013, investment in mutual fund by individuals will get 15% tax rebate. Investor’s dividend up to Tk. 25,000 from mutual fund can be tax exempted.

Learn How Mutual Funds Secures You

Mutual funds, either Open End or Closed End, are fund portfolios pooled together small or large investments from individuals and institutions that are professionally and actively invested in the securities market and dynamically managed. The primary objective of mutual funds is to diversify the security specific risks away and thus minimize the portfolio risk to the lowest possible level. However, efficient and effective management of mutual funds can also pay off better return than individual, unmanaged, static, and passive investment strategies.

Investors in the mutual funds receive capital gains and dividend income from the fund performance periodically and have the right to oversee how the fund manager is taking care of their money. Therefore, return to the investors depends on how well a fund is managed!

Have a Look on the Funds We Offer that are managed with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.